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 Pleated Filter Elements

These Radial Pin Filter Elements are designed for air, gas and liquid applications, being engineered to meet the challenges of providing cost effective filtration.

The principal used to obtain this highly efficient filtration performance, is to design an even flow pattern around the element, by eliminating any bunching of the element fins, which gives deven deposition of the contaminants and maximises the dirt holding capacity.

Cost effectiveness in service is improved by reducing change over time in using a single element, compared with the lengthy procedure necessary to replace multi-cartridge element stacks.

A range of Filter media is available to give a choice of particle size separation, with a wide spectrum of chemical compatibility, all of which have been exhaustively tested and evaluated to vallidate their filtration performance.

Pleated Filter Elements

Sewn Ends

These are manufactured from a metal centre core with handsewn fitler media and gaskets.

They can serve in high temperatures or environments with aggressive chemistry that might otherwise degrade filters with moulded ends.

Optional fittings of a backwash screen, which is useful for reverse cleaning in situ and extend the service life.

The elements are designed such that the filter media can be removed from the element frame and replaced with new media. The benefit being a considerable cost saving when the element is due for replacement, compared to a new element.

Moulded Ends

These are manufactured from a metal centre core together with the filter media and support screen encapsulated by moulded synthetic rubber ends.

The end material can be substituted with either silicone or PTFE to cover the more extreme temperature or aggressive type of applications.

The rugged construction has been proven over many years of use to yield higher flows, longer life and lower pressure loss.

Pleated Filter Element

Pleated Filter Element Cartridges


Our Coalescing cartridges can eliminate mists and particulates from Air / Gas applications.

Several filter media options available up to 98% efficient down to 0.1 microns.

We also offer media and core options that are compatible in equivalents with more aggressive chemistry.

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