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 Porous Ceramic Filter Media


We offer two main porous ceramic material grades, these being Permalith and Hydralith. Together they cover a wide spectrum of application opportunities.

Permalith Porous Ceramics offer high chemical resistance, capable of high temperatures and withstand high mechanical loading. Various shapes, sizes and pore sizes are available as well as custom-engineered products.

Ceramic Permalith benefits are:

  • Excellent strength.
  • High removal efficiency and solids capacity.
  • Temperature resistant up to 1000 deg C.
  • Corrosion and abrasion resistant.
  • Cost competitive Environmentally safe.
Ceramic Permalith applications are:

  • Filtration of corrosive fluids.
  • Hot gas filtration.
  • Pre-coat filtration.
  • Solvent filtration.
  • Aquaculture.

Porous Ceramic Filter Media

Hydralith Porous Ceramics offer a uniform pore structure and are capable of high temperatures. Offering various pore sizes, flexible shapes and sizes to suit your requirements.

Ceramic Hydralith benefits are:

  • High resistance to acids and alkaline.
  • Consistent and uniform pore structure.
  • Temperature resistant up to 1400 deg C.
  • Flexibility on configuration.
  • Cost competitive Environmentally safe.

Ceramic Hydralith applications are:

  • Soil science.
  • Precious metal recovery.
  • Structural Geology.
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